Registered Charity Number 1110209


Volunteer Drivers



If you choose to be a voluntary driver with us, we will ask you to inform your car insurance company to cover this on your existing policy. This should incur no increase in your premium, We can provide a sample letter for you to send to your company and ask that they provide written confirmation of this additional cover.

You will be covered by View Craft's group insurance while you are taking your passengers from your car and to the hall, and whilst you are participating in the craft activities.


When transporting passengers for us, you are entitled to claim 45p per mile. This is the maximum payable under HM Revenue & Customs guidelines as incurring no taxable profit. It applies for the whole return journey from your house to and from Herstmonceux Village Hall.  Expenses forms are available from our treasurer, Julie Hathaway, or as a download from this site.

Passenger requirements

These may include 

  • bringing a guide dog in the car with them
  • only being able to travel in the front seat due to a disability
  • needing assistance walking from their home to the car
  • requiring space in the car for their craft work
  • needing to bring a walking aid or folding wheelchair, although the latter is very rare

Driver requirements

You will be responsible for keeping your car in good working order and for ensuring that you are always covered by your insurance company (see above), especially if you change at renewal date to a different company.

Ideally, you will also have a mobile phone which you should have with you (switched on!) at all times.


Once you have brought your passengers to Herstmonceux village hall at 10.00am, you are welcome to stay for the session or, alternatively, you can simply return at 12.00 for the return journey.

Additionally, you can either be a regular weekly driver for us or, if you prefer, you could be a relief driver who occasionally covers for other drivers when they are ill or on holiday.


If you would like to learn more about driving for View Craft, our transport secretary is Tina Wray, telephone number 01892 661212, email address